NGO Council Advocates for Flood Alert Systems in Kenya

Nairobi: The NGO Council of Kenya, headquartered in Nairobi, has issued a call for the establishment of an efficient flood and heavy rain alert system. This initiative aims to safeguard residents in high-risk areas by enabling timely evacuations ahead of potential flood situations. The announcement was made from their Nyayo house office in Nairobi.

According to Kenya News Agency, the council has already been instrumental in disseminating warnings to communities at high risk through various channels including social media, public address systems, and community health volunteers. During a Tuesday meeting, Cheboi emphasized the need for additional safety measures to minimize loss of life in flood-affected areas.

The Kenya Meteorological Department has forecasted continued rainfall and storms across the country, putting several counties, such as Garissa, Makueni, Tana River, and Kilifi, at heightened risk of flooding. This situation poses a significant threat to both lives and livelihoods. In response, Cheboi praised President William Ruto for convening a cabinet meeting that led to the allocation of emergency flood funds to the affected counties. He further urged the government to allocate more resources to handle such emergencies.

Cheboi underscored the vital role played by NGOs and their partners in offering humanitarian assistance in various critical areas for societal and global betterment. He highlighted the urgency and necessity for immediate action and assistance to all Kenyans in the face of the current disaster.

Also speaking at the meeting, Dr. Joseph Ngera, Chairperson for Water and Sanitation in the NGO Council, suggested the evacuation of communities residing along riverbanks to prevent further disaster due to rivers overflowing. He pointed out that such an initiative would require the involvement of the Ministry of Land.

The council also reminded the National Government of the urgent need for access to water, sanitation, shelter, and rescue tools for those displaced by the floods. In a collaborative effort, the NGO Council and the Global Partnership Organisation (GPO) have launched a humanitarian action, establishing Technical Working Groups (TWGs) to address and manage humanitarian crises in high-risk communities.

In conclusion, Cheboi called for collaboration among NGOs at both national and county levels, urging them to work alongside county governments, the National Government, and the National Disaster Operation Centre (NDOC) to effectively respond to the crisis.