Fire Destroys Property

Property worth millions of shillings was destroyed by fire at Ololulunga shopping center in Narok South Sub County last night.

The fire started at 8 pm in a lodging and fast spread to an agro vet shop and boutique that are located at the front part of the building.

Narok South Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Felix Kisalu said members of the public collaborated with the police to help put off the fire, before the fire engine arrived.

‘I thank traders at Ololulunga trading center who collaborated with the police to put off the fire before it spread to the neighbouring buildings,’ he said.

However, the DCC said the cause of the fire has not been established saying the Sub County Criminal Investigation Officers will camp in the area to unveil the cause of the fire.

‘We want to establish the cause of the fire; was it an electrical fault, gas explosion, candle or
some people with bad intentions. The report should be out in one day,’ he said.

At the same time, DCC Kisalu asked residents to be vigilant and ensure all electrical switches are off when not in use.

‘We all need to take personal responsibility by ensuring such incidents do not occur again. Every person should ensure they take precautions at their individual homes and trading areas,’ added Kisalu.

Source: Kenya News Agency