Key Culvert Completed In Subukia

Residents of Munanda, Subukia Ward in Nakuru County are thrilled about the completion of a vital access culvert, which has alleviated years of flooding issues.

The road leading to Kamemo Comprehensive School would become inaccessible whenever the seasonal river overflowed, causing difficulties for residents and students.

Resident Engineer Symon Kariuki, along with the area MCA Isabella Makori, expressed their satisfaction with the timely completion of the project. They emphasised that this achievement aligns with the mission of H.E. Governor Susan Kihika to ensure the successful completion of ongoing infrastructure developments.

In addition to the culvert project, the MCA said significant progress has been made in the grading, graveling, and murraming of roads within the ward. Some of the roads that have been rehabilitated include Moro-Bisonga Road, Mililani-Catholic-Wangara Road, Mililani-Akorino Road, and Gitonga-Mureithi Road.

During rainy seasons, the seasonal rivers create a lot of havoc and on many
occasions, people, especially schoolchildren, have lost their lives through drowning. But the common culture is not to fix anything until disaster occurs; unfortunately, sometimes all that’s needed is a culvert, like in the case of Munanda.

The jubilant residents congratulated their MCA for heading into an annual problem that has not been solved since independence. However, she said some seasonal rivers are created due to blockage of rivers by careless land sellers, who don’t disclose the reality on the ground. And the new buyers construct perimeter walls, not knowing it’s a path for storm water.

Also present during the celebration were Ward Administrator Reuben Anyango and Project Committee Member Michael Gathura.

Source: Kenya News Agency