Institute Preparing to Provide Services on Water Bodies, Ports Using Marine Technologies

The Ethiopian Meteorology Institute announced that it is carrying out preparations to use maritime technologies to offer meteorological services on water bodies, including ports.

The Institute is also equipped to offer meteorological services to surrounding countries in addition to the country itself.

Director General of the Institute, Fetene Teshome told ENA that weather forecasting services being provided by the Institute are rendering multiple benefits for the nation.

He added that weather forecasting service is the backbone of the aviation sector which must also be utilized for water transport services.

The Director General confirmed that his Institute is getting ready to provide meteorological information to facilitate better services for transport on water bodies including ports by using modern maritime technologies.

As Ethiopia has remained landlocked for decades, the country has not been able to use marine technologies for meteorological services but the Memorandum of Understanding inked between
Ethiopia and Somaliland on utilization of port services will provide an opportunity to use such services, he indicated.

Ethiopia is a member of World Meteorology Agency and is chairing its African chapter, the country is capable to provide trustworthy international meteorological services, Fetene remarked.

He also stated that preparations are underway to build various meteorological service stations to collect the necessary weather forecasting information based on modern maritime technology.

Fetene added that his institute is getting ready to install modern weather information collecting devises on aircrafts owned by the Ethiopian Airlines Group.

Ethiopia is working in cooperation with IGAD and World Meteorology Agency to provide accessible and reliable weather forecasting services, he added.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency