ASALS PS Kello Harsama Leads Sh 30m Projects Handover To Merille Mixed School

The Principal Secretary for ASALS and Regional Development, Kello Harsama has orchestrated the handover of Sh30 million worth of projects to Merille Mixed Secondary School.

These transformative projects, facilitated by the Kenya Dryland Education Fund (KDEF), highlight the significance of partnerships in advancing educational and socio-economic development in the region.

Operating as a non-governmental organisation in Marsabit and Samburu counties, KDEF has emerged as a pivotal player in bolstering the education sector’s growth.

During the ceremonious handover, PS Harsama lauded KDEF’s tireless efforts and called upon other stakeholders to follow suit, stressing the imperative of collaborative endeavors in fulfilling the government’s BETA agenda.

One of the flagship initiatives unveiled is the groundbreaking Livestock for Fees program, designed to provide financial assistance for education by harnessing the region’s abundant resources.

This innovative approach not only promotes access to education but al
so empowers local communities economically, fostering sustainable development.

Of notable significance is the Merille School Water Project, a vital endeavor promising clean and sustainable water sources for the school and its environs.

This initiative represents a significant stride towards improving living conditions and underscores the holistic approach adopted by KDEF in addressing community needs.

Furthermore, the inauguration of a modern science laboratory and a well-equipped boy’s dormitory underscores KDEF’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of education and student welfare.

In a gesture of continued support, KDEF generously donated 50 lockers and chairs, enriching the learning environment and fostering academic excellence.

PS Kello Harsama (right) with Ahmed Kura, founder and CEO of KDEF handing over Merille water project to Merille Mixed school.

In a commendable demonstration of their dedication to equitable education, KDEF pledged to provide bursaries to 1400 students at Merille M
ixed Secondary School, irrespective of their financial backgrounds.

This commitment reaffirms the organisation’s mission to ensure that every child has the opportunity to pursue education and realize their full potential.

Expressing sincere gratitude, PS Harsama extended appreciation to KDEF and its founder CEO, Kura Ahmed, for their relentless advocacy and dedication to education promotion.

He reiterated the government’s unwavering commitment to collaborating with organisations like KDEF to ensure the provision of equitable educational opportunities, thereby charting a course towards a brighter future for the nation.

In response, KDEF Founder and CEO, Ahmed Kura, reaffirmed the organisation’s steadfast commitment to partnership with the government, emphasizing the collective responsibility to ensure that every child receives an equal chance in education.

This collaborative spirit exemplifies the transformative impact that can be achieved through concerted efforts towards educational advancement and comm
unity development.

Source: Kenya News Agency